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What's the difference between Clubhouses and Mental Health Hubs?

What's the difference between Clubhouses and Mental Health Hubs?

26 October 2021

Clubhouse or Mental Health Hub: exploring different recovery options

selectability’s Clubhouses and Mental Health Hubs both provide safe and welcoming spaces for individuals to build confidence, learn new skills and make social connections to support their recovery to mental wellbeing.

The programs take into account that recovery is unique to each individual so they are structured and delivered differently.

Mental Health Hub and Horizon Clubhouse team leader Stacy Irwin said the programs were available for adults seeking support for their mental wellbeing and had been designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind.

“Both are open to community members aged between 18 and 65 who are experiencing some sort of mental health condition,” said Ms Stacy.

“A formal diagnosis or referral is not required for those who want to attend and we encourage self-referral.”  

Clubhouse is a member-led recovery program. Members are encouraged to participate in the day-to-day operations of the Clubhouse choosing to participate in activities based on interests and needs.

 “We recognise that due to differing needs, our members require flexibility and some autonomy with relation to their recovery journey and so our Clubhouse provides just that.

 “The activities focus on inclusion and social engagement, confidence building, and a strong focus on developing life skills for day-to-day tasks.”

Though Stacy stresses that members can have as much or as little contribution as they wish.

“There is no pressure for members to engage in specific activities and they can access and use the service in a way that is the most beneficial to their recovery.”

The Mental Health Hub has a more structured program. Activities have a much stronger focus on psychoeducation, community connection and resilience building.

Stacy said one of the main aims is to reduce participants’ dependence on acute support services.

“Providing some education around the mental health concerns that any one individual is experiencing can remove some of the fear, shame and self-stigma that they may have regarding their mental health.”

The program provides detailed techniques for participants to overcome specific situations they find themselves in. For example, someone who experiences panic attacks will be supported to learn or develop appropriate coping mechanisms to deal with these situations and prevention tools to better understand what causes their onset.

selectability operates both programs in Townsville and Mackay. For more information visit the website

You can also download our podcast on this topic.

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