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Finding your passion – Tamara’s story

Finding your passion – Tamara’s story

16 November 2023

With a diverse range of services that selectability provides across regional Queensland, the importance of skilled workers in one of Australia’s fastest growing sectors cannot be overstated.

For Lifestyle Support Worker, Tamara, developing her skills through selectability Training will give her the opportunity to broaden her horizons to enhance the quality of care she provides to consumers.

Now she is helping others find their passion in the industry.

“We have a lot of people that work for us, and it is important that we are trained in this industry.

“If you have the training, it leads into bigger and better things, and it opens so much for our consumers as well.

“That was a big thing for me to become a mentor, as I really thought it was valuable to me as an employee, as it is important for others.

Outside of her work as a Lifestyle Support Worker, Tamara currently facilitates courses like Certificate III in Community Services. 1

The course is designed to upskill underutilized Queensland worker or disadvantaged jobseekers to help people in a range of care areas including support, education and welfare.

“selectability training covers so much content and that is why I am so passionate about it.

“You can understand the industry we all work in, as it is constantly changing year to year, and there are always opportunities to upskill, whether you are in the industry or are interested!

“Especially things like Mental Health First Aid courses, because building your resilience and having that knowledge of what to do when helping a person is crisis is invaluable, I always tell my students to take that opportunity.

“I find that tapping into their inner values and passion helps them pursue a lasting career, but it also makes them an excellent support worker,"

"I tell them to go outside the box, find your niche, and you will be even better at your career.

“That is the best part about it; it is not about the study; you can embrace the journey each student has, I enjoy helping people."

Training facilitators like Tamara are a testament of how passion for support work can not only become a tool for personal growth, but empowerment for an entire industry.  

And yet, it is this encouraging quality that is found throughout selectability Training’s curriculum, which bolsters the quality-of-care selectability provides to regional Queenslanders.

“We need more in the industry, it is forever growing, and training can open up your full potential.”

If you are interested in enrolling with selectability training or have any enquiries, visit the selectability Training website.


If you are interested in enrolling with selectability Training, you can visit the website here

1  The next round for Certificate III in community services will commence on 26 Feburary 2024. For eligibility or to register your interest, visit the website here

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