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Find work-life balance to achieve your goals

Find work-life balance to achieve your goals

25 August 2021

Finding work-life balance can be challenging, especially when you add study into the mix. You can find many articles with tips on the topic … just trying googling it!

But as Todd from selectability Training explains, before you turn to practical tips like getting enough sleep, making lists and setting aside time for study, it is important to have a clear understanding of your vision for your career and life. Once you do, the rest falls into place.

 Todd has coached a lot of business owners throughout his career and the first question he asks is ‘what is your business vision and your vision for life?’​ He believes in order for it to work, they must be aligned.

 “It is the same for all of us in the workplace, especially in the community services sector,’ said Todd.

“You need to understand your career goal and your life goal. It is important to keep a sharp focus on both of these and not to let one hijack the other.

“You might think about how the strategies that you set each of those goals can benefit the other.  What synergies can you find?

“For example, if having plenty of energy and a clear mind is a strategy that allows you to achieve your career goals,  how important is it now for you to exercise, have a healthy diet and relaxation as actions in both your career and life goals?" 

According to Todd, this principle also applies to your life goal finding synergy with your career goal. 

“Your life goal might be to travel, learn a musical instrument, sing or chase your big dream. 

“Does your career goal provide you with the financial resources and build your capability to achieve your life goals or does it distract from them? 

“Set your work and life goals.  Think about how important they both are.  Give yourself the best chance to achieve the work-life balance you want.”

If you’ve thought about your life and career goals and how studying will help you to achieve them, get in touch with selectability Training today. We offer flexible training options, with ongoing support to help you find work-life balance … and achieve your goals.

We’re owned and operated by selectability so training with us provides a clear pathway to employment in the community services sector.

Call 4781 2609 or visit the selectability Training website

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