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"The family I never had" - Joey's story

6 June 2024

For Bowen consumer Joey, his recovery journey for the last two years has been a gift to his lifestyle and his radiating personality, and a highlight for employees at selectability.

But the 29 year old local says had it not been for a chance meeting, his journey may not have happened.

This is Joey’s story.

“I remember I was in a really terrible situation at the time, I didn’t have anything, no money, I was down and out,” said Joey.

“I remember going to a party and hadn’t told anyone at the time but it was going to be my goodbye to everyone.

“We had decided at the time to head down to the local pool where I was approached by the regional coordinator of selectability at the time.

“She had known me from around town and had told me to come in one day, I had kept putting off, but she was always there encouraging me.

After repeated referrals and recommendations from his psychologist and friends, Joey decided to head down to the Mental Health Hub.

“Everything was there telling me to just do it and I had told myself that if selectability hadn’t accepted me then I don’t know what would have happened.

“To this day, it was the best thing I ever did.

“I walk in the door, and everyone perks up, and I perk up too, and now I feel like I am in a spot where I truly belong.  

Now a strong foundation of the Hub, Joey has been able to learn the life skills to lead a fulfilling life, on his own terms.

“I have my money back together, clothing on my back.

“I am doing all the things I want to do because now I actually have the support to do it, and I am accepted.

The Hub’s group programs have not only equipped Joey with a rekindled love for cooking, or a music group he started himself, but has given him a supportive an accepting social circle. 

“I have met the family I have never had before.”

“My first day we were they were having a games day, and I remember immediately I was making friends.

“I am now getting my health and fitness up too, I am learning to dance as well

“And most importantly, I have gotten away from people that were leading me down a bad path, I am loved for who I am.

It is evident through Joey’s infectious personality and carefully articulated recounts of his experience, that the value selectability brings to his life is unparalleled.

Moreover, it is easy to see the positive effect he has on his “Bowen family,” through his divine sense of wisdom and willingness to give back to those that support him.

Wisdom that teaches us the value of tailored recovery, or persistence, or socialisation, Joey’s story stands on the values in which selectability operates.

“If I were to give someone advice, I would tell them to always keep your head up, always walk with purpose.

“Our yoga instructor Deb McLean taught me that, and it is only recently that it has made me realise, that I have never felt like I have had a purpose before.

“Here I feel like I have purpose.”






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