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Winter 75-100+ Year Olds

  • Now is the winter of our discontent, that is if you can’t use your concession card!

  • Frequent loo visits in the middle of the night are the norm. It is worth reducing liquid intake from 6.00pm onwards to reduce loo visits.

  • If you don’t understand things by now you may have missed the boat. This is still a time to keep learning about life and all of its mysteries.

  • Travel at every opportunity if you can get the insurance. It is a time of shorter trips and visits to the family. Keep planning trips to assist the mind to stay active.

  • Live each day like it is your last because it well might be. As you settle into winter you realise the fragility of life and the importance of enjoying each moment of the day from sunrise to sunset.

  • Top up your eulogy with the past few years experiences or write one if you have neglected to record your journey. There is nothing worst than going to a funeral and the only words spoken is that he died after living a long life!

  • Afternoon naps are essential and recommended. Set your alarm though for an hour so that you do not miss dinner. Power naps as the name suggests do provide power/energy for the body.

  • The line to the exit of life rapidly reduces. Everyone is moving towards the exit of life, use this fact to fill in every day with joy and happiness.

  • If you can make it to aged care you have achieved a milestone as many of your friends are probably in the cemetery.

​To read more about Autumn wisdom, an action plan and healthy habits - see the Well Man website or download the App.

I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything till noon.  That’s when it is time for my nap - Bob Hope

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