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Summer 35-60 Year Olds

Summer Highlights​​
  • ​The bank owns your left nut, it’s in their freezer, it is called a mortgage or the great Australian Dream! Owning your own space becomes a priority however in some cities renting is the only viable option. Some will head out to sea-changes or tree-changes to find affordable real estate.
  • Time starts to speed up. Weeks fly into months, months into years. Birthdays come and go and suddenly you are knocking on the seniors door.

  • Stress and anxiety may be causing sleep deprivation. Part of SUMMER is having more responsibility and less time to relax, rule 1 make time, rule 2 make time. Stress and anxiety can be caused by habitually trying to do too much and then losing sleep over issues that really are not worth worrying about. Prioritise problems, remember men are fixers however do not place value on issues that either cannot be fixed or are not worth fixing.

  • The hormones are going haywire, and that's yours! SUMMER can be ruled by your ego, at times it is worth stepping out of the box and getting a better grip on reality, less time looking in the mirror more time evaluating your actions and intentions.

  • The belly maybe expanding with success. This is a real trap especially around half way through SUMMER, if the belly arrives start to work on getting rid of it early as it will lead to poor health outcomes in the next two seasons. Upload the free Well Man app, tap on PHYSICAL and have a read of waist measurement.

  • Stretch and find a good physiotherapist. Stretching the ageing muscles is vital during SUMMER and it may be the only way to navigate around past injuries or age related physical problems. Stretching is a great way to get the body moving and upright in the morning.

  • For some, there may be a divorce or a quarter/mid-life crisis or maybe both. Hopefully you will learn from the experience, check to see whether your ego is playing the major role in your life and causing the problems. 

  • Some men will buy a Harley Davidson and ride into the sunset until they realise that the joints start to play up at this age if you are sitting in the same position for over an hour. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence but you still have to mow it!

​To read more about Summer wisdom, an action plan and healthy habits - see the Well Man website or download the App.

“Keep calm it is only a midlife speed hump” anonymous

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