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Autumn 60-75 Year Olds

Autumn Highlights
  • The seasons are a changing and you can tell by the effect of gravity on your body and soul. Everything is heading south with great pace unless you implement a maintenance routine.

  • During autumn you can lose your identity, suddenly you are no longer employed and a part of the system. If your job was your life you are in for a rude awakening as you are no longer a player in the game. Many men at this stage get a little lost. Plan for your retirement, put in place hobbies and jobs to do when free time is available in abundance. Volunteer in community services.

  • Life's issues and mysteries make more sense as you have a better handle on life. Your life skills should be at a premium at this stage use them wisely.

  • Time races past so much faster, years feel like months and months like weeks. Use your time to the max and enjoy each moment.

  • It is time to get a dog, cat or bird. They provide unconditional love, companionship and will bring a smile to your lips most days.

  • Your health is no longer a given, checks and colonoscopies sort that illusion. You are now into a season of maintenance if any symptoms appear get them looked at in a timely fashion.

  • You start seeking and searching for the magic pill or formula, this maybe vitamins or Viagra. It is worth investigating natural remedies.

  • The belly can be a permanent fixture and is a hard to manage. Stay active, eat less and keep an eye on your plate size. It is better to eat 4 small meals a day the size of a side plate. Chew every last morsel and take time to enjoy flavours. 

  • Without stretching agility is impossible, it is also important for maintaining an upright position and simply moving forward.

  • You start to attend more funerals than weddings and some friends may have shuffled off the planet. This is the circle of life, for more information about grieving upload the free Well Man app via the QR code and check in the Social Wellbeing section.

​To read more about Autumn wisdom, an action plan and healthy habits - see the Well Man website or download the App.

Now that I have retired I seem to have less time to do anything!

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