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NDIS support coordination

NDIS support coordination

NDIS support coordination - working with you to get the best out of your NDIS plan!

At selectability we appreciate the unique pathway each individual has travelled to achieve their NDIS Plan. Key to our service offering is NDIS support coordination. selectability doesn’t just assist you to identify and access services to meet your individual needs, we go that extra mile to think outside the square and get you closer to their ultimate goals.

We’ve connected people to their dream job, or their first apartment and worked with them to achieve their potential.

selectability NDIS Advisor Kate said that she really enjoyed working with consumers to strengthen their ability to coordinate and choose the support they need to live a life of their choice.

“It is really rewarding to work with people to break down the barriers that stop them from living the life they want to live and ensure that they are getting the best possible use out of their NDIS funding,” she said.

“I recently worked with one of my consumers to connect his support services. This has helped him to maintain his tenancy and improve his life skills. He has
now achieved his dream of paid employment.”

selectability’s focus is always the individual and their hopes and aspirations. Our recovery-oriented approach is holistic, understanding that a truly fulfilling life involves purposeful mental, physical, emotional, financial and personal wellbeing.

Kate said that she loved working at selectability because of the freedom and creativity she was empowered to bring to her role.

“We are encouraged to think outside the square to link our consumers with services that will help them to realise their potential.”

“Our approach is really flexible and focused on the individual, we work with our consumers in a way that suits them. Some people choose to have meetings in their homes, others prefer to meet at cafes or the Inspire Clubhouse.

“Before the NDIS was introduced we were restricted in the way that we could deliver our services.

“Now, no two days are the same and I am constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to help our consumers achieve their goals.”

selectability NDIS advisers don’t just help consumers to identify and access services to meet their individual needs, they go that extra mile to think outside the square to get people closer to their goals.

From connecting people to their dream job or their first apartment – we work with people to realise their potential and maximise the value of their NDIS plans.

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