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Our NDIS services

There can be three types of support budgets in NDIS plans Core, Capital and Capacity Building. Your funding is based on what is ‘reasonable and necessary’ to achieve your goals in addition to the support provided by family friends and other community and government services.

selectability provides Core and Capacity Building NDIS services.


These generally form the largest part of NDIS budgets and are designed to help you in your day-to-day life and to work towards your goals.

This can include supporting you to attend medical appointments, go shopping and cook your meals or visit family and friends.

Funds in this budget can be used flexibly across the key categories.


Capacity Building

These are designed to increase your independence and get you closer to your long term goals.

Funds can only be used for the particular category they have been allocated to in an NDIS plan.

NDIS … in your home

Our lifestyle support workers will work with to develop life skills and carry out personal activities and household tasks. This could include supporting you to prepare your meals, organise your household, pay your bills online or do your cleaning and washing.

We aim to empower you to live as independently as possible and make positive choices and changes to improve your wellbeing.

  • Develop life skills
  • Personal activities
  • Household tasks

These are funded through the Core Supports budget.

NDIS … In the community

We support you to access and be a part of your community. We can you to and from activities, appointments and social engagements and support you while you are there.

This can include supporting you to go shopping, attend medical appointments, meeting up with family and friends, go to the movies, participate in an exercise class or other group activity, volunteer, find and attend employment … and the list goes on.

We will work with you to improve your confidence accessing the community and engaging in the activities that will help you achieve your goals.

  • Group activities
  • Transport
  • Community participation
  • Assist with employment

While this kind of support is generally funded through Core Supports there can be some specific activities funded through the Capacity Building budget.

NDIS … Building your capacity

We work with you to increase your independence, knowledge and resilience and provide you with the tools and resources so that you can better understand the services and support that will get you closer to your goals.

  • Support coordination 
  • Therapeutic supports 
  • Recovery Coach - this is a new item to support to people with psychosocial disability to live a full and contributing life. Recovery Coaches assist you to take more control of their your life and to manage complex challenges of day to day living.
  • High intensity daily personal activities - support for high intensity activities is usually delivered by a support worker with additional qualifications and experience relevant to the consumers complex needs. For example, when assistance is required to manage challenging behaviours that require intensive positive behaviour support.

These activities are funded through the Capacity Building budget.

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NDIS Changes - COVID-19

What is happening?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has introduced some changes to pricing and the rules around cancelling services. 


A temporary 10% increase has been added to the following supports

  • Assistance with Daily Life 
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Daily Living Skills


If you want to cancel your shift, you are now required to give selectability 10 business days notice to avoid paying a cancellation fee (which is now the full fee of the service).

What do I need to do?

In short - nothing. The temporary price increase has been automatically applied to your services. To avoid paying a cancellation fee, please ensure you give us at least 10 days notice if you do not require support.

Please note your NDIS budget has not been increased in line with this change so if you need to, you can request an unscheduled review.

More information

Visit the NDIS Price Guide page for more information about these changes.


About the NDIS

selectability is one of regional Queensland's leading providers of NDIS mental health supports and services.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is Australia’s first national Scheme for people with disability. It provides funding directly to individuals. There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. When it is fully rolled out, the NDIS will provide about 460,000 Australians aged under 65, who have permanent and significant disability with funding for supports and services.

NDIS price guide

The NDIS Price Guide 2019–20 came into effect on 1 July 2019. This provides information and guidance for providers about NDIS prices and linked policy selectability's prices are in line with this guide. You can access our full list of NDIS services and prices here  Note - these prices have been impacted by temporary changes due to COVID-19.


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