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This program is our unique, selectability designed program available to individuals in the Townsville and North West hospital and health service areas. It is based on a stepped care model and provides those impacted by mental illness (but not eligible for the NDIS) with access to up to 12 months of individual and group support.

select wellbeing - individual
Stage 1: Intensive (up to 10 hrs a week) This stage is focused on your immediate needs and ensuring the continuity of your care as you transition from the hospital setting. We will work with you to develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan and set goals for your recovery.
Stage 2: Moderate intensity (5 to 10 hours a week) The second stage is focused on building your resilience and resolving points of crisis. During this stage we will work with you to start attending appropriate group programs. This stage is designed to ensure you have access to the tools and resources to live independently in the community.
select wellbeing - group
These peer-led groups activities will take place across the region in indoor and outdoor settings.
Stage 1: Intensive These small group sessions will focus on developing a wellness toolkit that you can add to as you progress through the program.
Stage 2: Stepped down These groups are larger and the sessions are themed around independent living. 

Note: referrals to this program must come through the hospital and health services.


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