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Group counselling - Townsville

Group counselling - Townsville

Supporting your social and emotional wellbeing

Maintaining good social and emotional (mental) health is just as important as maintaining good physical health.

We are pleased to offer FREE four-week counsellor-led program to support your social and emotional wellbeing.

About the program

Learning the skills to become more aware of your social and emotional health can help you to better manage stress and deal with life's challenges. It can also help you to have more meaningful relationships that bring you joy.

Who will find this program useful?

Our program is for anyone wanting to improve their coping skills and enjoy more meaningful connections with others. It is helpful for those who have recently undergone additional stress and want to learn new coping skills. this program can also be useful for those experiencing strained relationships or feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Weekly topics: 
  • Week 1: What is social and emotional wellbeing and how do we improve this in our lives?
  • Week 2: Understand stress and the impact is has on the body, decision-making and our relationships.
  • Week 3: Benefits of healthy relationships, identifying toxic relationships and proven ways to improve them.
  • Week 4: Exploring life challenges and healthy ways to cope with these.

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The program is FREE


(1pm - 2pm)

Weekly from 18/11 - 9/12


The Mental Health Hub 59a Cambridge St, Vincent


via the form below or email

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