Unique to selectability's service delivery is our Clubhouses.  The supportive, non-clinical environment of the Clubhouse gives members the opportunity to reconnect with the community through participation in a range of recovery-oriented activities and programs.  

The Clubhouse provides a recovery option that supports members to build confidence, make friends and learn the skills to help them access education and employment opportunities. The Clubhouse approach puts members in control of their mental wellbeing.

Participation in the Clubhouse is voluntary, members decide the weekly program and choose which activities to participate in and when.  Clubhouse members and staff  work together to manage all the operations , providing an opportunity for members to contribute in significant and meaningful ways.

Through this environment of support, acceptance, and commitment to the potential contribution and success of each individual, Clubhouses are places where people can belong as contributing adults, rather than passing their time as patients who need to be treated.

Our Clubhouses are open to adults with a lived experience of mental illness. NDIS participants can choose from individual and therapy supports along with a range of facilitated group activities to help them reach their goals.

Location and contact details 

Inspire Clubhouse Townsville
159 Kings Road, Pimlico Qld 4812
Phone: 07 4725 2496
Fax: 07 4725 1638

The Junction Clubhouse Cairns
 7 Miller Street, Paramatta Park Qld 4870
Phone: 07 4081 4640 Fax: 07 4081 4651


Horizon Clubhouse Mackay
1 Wood Street, Mackay, QLD 4740
Phone: 07 49512955
Fax: 07 49530509



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