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You're the boss! Financial literacy (TSV)

You're the boss! Financial literacy @  Townsville Mental Health Hub

selectability is pleased to partner with The Salvation Army to deliver this financial literacy workshop!

Come and join in this three-day interactive workshop and learn how to be in control of your money! 

Get some positive tips, find out about your rights and who to see when it feels difficult to do it on your own.

Day 1 - 18 May 2021 (1.30pm)

Planning and prioritising
  • money, relationships and communications
  • understanding your needs and wants
  • start a money plan

Day 2 - 1 June 2021 (1.30pm)

Small changes make great saving
  • goals and savings
  • manage your food – 1/3 largest individual expense
  • psychology of retail sales
  • awareness of spending

Day 3 - 15 June 2021 (1.30pm)

Tips and traps of debt
  • why and when to do auto deductions
  • loans…the good, the bad and the uglies
  • what is a credit rating
  • where to go when you need help

You're the boss - financial literacy workshop

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