Regional leadership

Regional leadership

Direction 4: Regional leadership
  1. Secure a position as a leader in mental wellbeing and suicide prevention in our region
  2. Achieve a nationally respected position in terms of service innovation, service quality, consumer outcomes, business processes/systems and operational efficiency.
  3. Our staff are recognised by consumers, the community, funding authorities and other sector stakeholders for living the organisation’s values of: commitment, accountability, diversity, positivity, human rights, integrity and innovation

Organisational priorities:

  1. Market share … service development and expansion is focused on securing increased market share in mental wellbeing and suicide prevention related programmes (in and across major local communities)
  2. Service footprint … feasibility assessments undertaken to expand selectability’s service footprint to meet community needs within the region
  3. Service quality … service performance is measured, monitored, reviewed and, where necessary, enhanced to best practice levels (or better)
  4. Professional development … utilising selectability’s RTO Jobtrain, professional development and staff training programmes are expanded to raise individual employee and overall organisational capabilities and competencies

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