Strategic direction

Strategic direction

A message from the Chairman ....

On behalf of the Board of Directors of selectability, I am pleased to share the exciting strategic directions we will pursue through to 2021.

Following the merger  of Supported Options in Lifestyle and Access Services (SOLAS) and Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland (MIFNQ) in March 2017 selectability was born.

The merged selectability has a combined 50 years’ sector experience.

Merger provided selectability the added scale and breadth of capability necessary to extend our reach and service … furthering our contribution to mental health and wellbeing and the prevention of suicide within and across our community.

Merger provided a vital platform for our next stage of development and service to the community.

The formation of selectability has been timely with increasing consumer and community needs in relation to mental health and suicide prevention, and from across a broader range of communities, community groups and other stakeholders. Being attuned to, closely engaged with and responsive to these needs is foundational to our being.

Expanding upon our reach, breadth and ability to provide innovative “Equally Well” oriented services represents another important step towards our Vision of equipping those with lived experience to enjoy a good, well-rounded and fulfilling life of their choice.

It is an exciting but challenging future that will demand the utmost in organisational vitality, service quality, system integrity, accountability and meaningful outcomes for consumers, partners and stakeholders. 

Our directions to 2021 will therefore give emphasis to:

  1. Consumer, community and stakeholder driven culture
  2. Service innovation and development
  3. Organisational performance
  4. Regional leadership
  5. Strategic scale

I invite you to support us in this quest and as part of our group of extraordinary people achieving the extraordinary together.


Tom Ryan

Strategic directions 2018 - 2021



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